245th Divorce Court Houston Texas

Michael Busby The 245th Divorce Court of Houston Texas is located at 201 Caroline, 15th Floor Houston, Texas 77002.  The Courts website may be found here. You may check your case with the district clerk. The pleading filed in your case usually may be viewed at the district clerk website.  The 245th will only have you file if you have filed an active pleading.  Even so, they usually will not pull your file and advise you of the pleadings contained therein.  Practicing law in the 245th family district court of Harris county Texas Judge Roy Moore is the presiding judge with Judge James Cooper serving as his associate.  Uncontested start at 8:30 am with contested divorces starting at 10:00 am. In this court the associate judge will frequently hear trials in the jury deliberation room.  The meditation prior to temporary orders is required in all the cases, sole exceptions being the cases when the court waives them.…

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