10 Ling Tong Gao Ying TV makers refund and get back TV

Who lives in Guangzhou Admiralty Way of Ling, a platform for themselves that TV Machine can be described as extremely distressed, this station in 2005 bought 42-inch TV from the beginning of June 2006 often fails.

This year Olympics Event, the family has to endure for this TV no peace at home 10-year-old quit, because this TV is spent every New Year’s money to buy all children. The Olympics did not as he finally decided to sue TV companies, on September 5 after the Yuexiu district courts, on September 6 and the vendor that sent the refund back the TV. New Year’s money bought failure television million 2005 7 31, little more to buy this house 42-inch plasma TV This is accumulated over the years little more with all the “lucky money” to buy, and it is little more the sole property name.

However, it is that color TV three years, frequent failure, multiple maintenance, numerous complaints from manufacturers around the exchange of the two new TV, but the fault is still emerging. Little more with the father as saying during the TV sporting event downtown problems.

In June 2006, when Ling blissfully enjoy the World Cup football matches to prepare, screen failure, missed the World Cup tournament. August 2007, when Women’s World Cup approaching, the TV working again. Miss the Olympic Games to prosecute child refund This year, the Olympics came, TV has a “strange disease”: the image only for units without sound. Ling ran a number of departments complained many times. TV motherboard manufacturers answer is a problem, but they registered after the board model, there is no further progress. The evening of Aug. 8, the Olympic opening ceremony is about to begin, TV, “pa”, “strike” has become “three noes” products: no image, no sound, no boot. Helpless, Ling had to dash to a TV watched by relatives. 8 afternoon of 12, the manufacturers send the master-site inspection, the master left the service is completed, the new fault appears immediately: “No picture, no sound, black screen 12 seconds, after a few seconds can see.” Little more then the parents of the manufacturers want to replace a TV, but the more they insist on small manufacturers by price refund, “and back to is defective, those are my New Year’s money, we must take back all the money come back! “in his father’s help, little more write a complaint.

Do not want a full refund when the defendant companies Small manufacturers learned more of its divisions on the court, quickly met with a little more, agreed to a full refund. September 5, more families and small manufacturers signed a “reconciliation agreement”: “company for a full refund and get back the TV, a small Vietnamese withdrawal.” Afternoon of September 6, headquarters sent its Guangzhou branch customer service department The full amount of purchase manager will return home to the little more, and back of the TV.

Invoice maintenance records kept occupied preponderance of the evidence Guangdong Datong Law Firm Xu Renjie lawyer that consumers who place the interests of consumers and business disputes, in addition to arguing the same time pay attention to preservation and collection transactions and dealings with the operators of factual evidence. Case, a little more is better preserved because of the invoices and maintenance records, etc., in evidence to the predominance of discontent when the conduct of the business, consumers should not fear lawsuits, fear of litigation is business.

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