0x66: The End of Hellwig vs. VMware

Bradley and Karen discuss the details of the completion of the lawsuit (which Conservancy supported) between Christoph Hellwig and VMware in Germany. Show Notes: Segment 0 (00:37) Bradley mentioned the episode of Red Dwarf, White Hole, where the characters are speaking too slowly or two quickly due to time differentials. (01:30) Bradley explained that the Hellwig vs. VMware suit in Germany has concluded. (03:30) German is a civil law legal system. (05:15) Christoph Hellwig announced on his website that he has decided not to appeal. (07:18) Bradley did a technical analysis how much of Christoph's code appeared in the infringing VMware product. (07:50) Till Jaeger was Christoph's lawyer; Till was also the lawyer for Harald Welte's (currently defunct) gpl-violations.org project. (09:04)Segment 1 (09:26) “Trolling” refers to being a non-practicing entity. Patrick McHardy is…

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