Conflicting Stories in New Orleans Car Accident

Generally, when you have a car accident it is a fender bender, and it is clear to the police and the court what events took place. However, in some situations, the evidence can support different versions, and the parties do not agree on what occurred. Typically, when there are conflicting stories in a case, it is up to a fact finder to determine which version is the “truth.” A fact finder may be a judge or a jury. However, when the trial court’s determination of fact is appealed, the Louisiana Supreme Court has established a two-part test to determine if the trial courts finding was correct or must be overturned. First, the Louisiana Appellate Court must make the determination after reviewing if a reasonable factual basis exists for the finding of the trial court; second, the Louisiana Appellate Court must determine if the record establishes that the finding of the trial court is clearly wrong (manifestly erroneous). Purvis v. Grant Par. Sch. Bd., 144 So. 3d…

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Spouse hiding money in a divorce?

Are you getting divorced and you suspect your husband or wife is hiding money? Then you are not alone. Many people think their spouse has secret accounts, cryptocurreny, or piles of case hidden under a mattress. If you are worried about hidden money in an Illinois divorce, here are some questions you might ask. Is […]

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And Now The Prime Minister Of Canada Is Threatening To Fine Social Media Companies Over ‘Fake News’ “”Fake news” tends to be whatever top government officials declare it is.” What advice do you wish you’d gotten when you graduated from college? Feds: Autopilot was active during deadly March Tesla crash Apparently, we still have some work to do before we get the completely self-driving, and also safe, cars. Biggest eDiscovery Challenges Facing Plaintiff’s Attorneys, Part Two “Without in-house eDiscovery teams at the ready, plaintiffs’ lawyers are more apt to “wing it” or seek expertise only when obliged to do so on an ad hoc basis.” Digital Forensics vs. Computer Forensics Makes sense, the field is so much more than “computers” these days. Has The Supreme Court Eviscerated Recovery Of eDiscovery Costs? Article 13 threatens video game streamers in the EU: survey Live streaming is…

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Supreme Court of Canada Decision: Labour Relations

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Blog Post: Military Medical Malpractice Legislation Gives Victims Hope

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